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quarta-feira, 19 de janeiro de 2011

Why inFlux@f11
Going back to the beginning of the year 2007, I realized the importance of a second language: English. A friend of mine recommended inFlux as the best school to learn real English. I spent 3 years studying book 1 to 5 and now doing conversation classes. It was the best time for me. Not only for the jokes and the laughs during the class time, the coffee time and lots and lots of inFlux dollars but also for the result achieved: it has been 1 year and a half that I work using English as first language in my company. I can negotiate finished products with people in China, India, Vietnam, USA, Sweden and Hungary. My email box is full of emails in English! This second language helped me in lots of job opportunities. And I can tell you that I have no doubt that my result is due to the inFlux course. The books have real subjects and expressions; we study in class, everything used in the “real world” outside school. If someone asks me “Which English school should I study at?” for sure I will promptly reply: “You should study at inFlux!” Now I am interested and starting Spanish classes at InFlux because I know that I will learn and develop my abilities with the best school. Better that a second language is to have the third language!

Assiel Artur Adada
Unidade inFlux Água Verde

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A inFlux oferece o Compromisso de Aprendizado, uma garantia, firmada em contrato de que você alcança o domínio inglês em 2 anos e meio.

No fim do curso, você estará apto a atingir 700 pontos ou mais no TOEIC. Caso não alcance este resultado, poderá continuar estudando de graça até que a pontuação seja atingida*.

*confira o Termo de Compromisso completo em uma unidade inFlux.